Friday, July 23, 2010

Wishful Thinking ...

You know when you have the grandest plans, but then reality hits you upside the head?

Such is the case with 2 tsp of Wishful Thinking.

I still have my grand schemes of all the wonderful things I want to post, do, make and share with the world.  Only for now I'm sharing them with a little notebook I carry around with me instead of all of my soon to be fans.  :)

You see, after attending college classes whenever I've been able to fit them in over the past 22 years (longer than most college freshmen have been alive!), I will be GRADUATING in just a few months!!!  Come December 18th, this "professional" college student will finally be a college graduate!  YaHOOOOO!!!

As I was dreaming of the fun blogging adventures to be had, it dawned on me that one of my GRANDEST, life-long dreams was within a short reach, and if I concentrated all of my attention I could actually finish without another 22 years passing me by.

This little epiphany helped me pull my noggin out of the clouds of crafty dreamland ... at least for a little while as I hit the books hard in my last semester of classes!

Wish me luck!

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